multi-module application software

It’s a multi-module application software that helps integrated management of core business processes of an organization such as product planning,accounting,sales ordering,management of inventory,purchase ordering, reports generation thereby increasing organization’s efficiency . This system provides one central repository which helps in sharing information among different departments easily.

Sales Order( Sales Creation and Management):

Generate Sale Quotations for customer with order Date and convert it to sales order with one click or print it. Send quotation requests through email. Use pricelist rules to compute the correct price based on customer conditions. Add an item in Order by entering product description, quantity, price, taxes ,discount,shipping information and more.

Purchase Order (Monitor what was ordered,what arrived and what vendor invoiced):

Draft Purchase order-create RFQ by entering Bill no., Company, Order Date, Vendor etc. Large excel sheet import functionality. Monitor orders and manage incoming products.

Point of sale

All products of different categories are displayed on the main screen. Sell products with custom or preset units of measure and update your stock accordingly Integrated accounting,inventory and stock management. Checks,credit cards and cash payment methods are available.New payment methods can be added.


Use of barcode scanners helps you manage every inventory operation-inventories,incoming shipments,packing orders. Use locations to structure your warehouse by zones,shelves. Easy stock transfers from one place to another. Define your own storage and removal strategies. Manage your sales and purchase orders thereby helping you to perform easy and fast inventory operation.

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